The Platypus explained…and other stuff


The Platypus – it’s whatever’s keeping you down.  Or up.  Or veering wildly between the two.

The Platypus hates Monday.  Perhaps that makes Monday a platypus too?  Confused?  Yes me too.  To untangle this confusion it’s best to begin with the platypus concept.  The Platypus is actually  the mood-disordered part of my mind.  The part that is regularly either curled up miserably on the kitchen floor of the psyche, or flinging itself recklessly from the top of the cupboards.  Blindfolded.

Anyway, The Platypus has a particular dislike for Mondays.  There is a lot of pressure on Monday to set a good example to all the other weekdays.  If Monday doesn’t go well then Tuesday hears about it pretty quickly and before you know it even Friday looks grouchy.

So even The Platypus has a platypus.

And if that doesn’t clear everything up I don’t know what will.



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